We started High Degree Productions because we tried to find a company that could build a creative, unique, and personalized website with excellent content for us. The companies we discovered were either shockingly costly or not as creative as we wanted. In addition, it seemed difficult to create something for our vision with these firms. Most of what I see out there is the same kind of template websites that have no character, design, or implementation as a website for our company. Blending our personal strengths with our broad expertise in creating graphic art, video, design, persuasive sales techniques, and business services. Combining all these talents, experience, and knowledge to quickly develop entertaining, interactive websites that inform while marketing your business. 

Our specialties are cognitive behavior, customer cognitive bias and persuasive techniques. Fused with graphically appealing pictures and videos. We can make entertaining content that works better than any designed sales script. Websites are no longer simply websites. Your website can be a silent salesperson who never sleeps, never gets tired of promoting and can transmit consistent information while entertaining your guest.


Business people writing on a whiteboard mockup

Terry M Patton

Designer / Photographer

Micheal W Patton

Owner / Collaborator

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Mollie Hope